Beyond the Walk Dogs


Otis, a senior English Setter/Pit mix, felt comfortable being cared for separately from other dogs. Otis prefers human companionship, petting, and a nice place to lay. We were careful to supervise Otis in the yard and use a long leash as needed since he has a history of being able to scale fences.


Oliver, a young hound mix, became such pals with us that he just goes by "Ollie". We ensured his family received frequent photo updates as his 4 yr old human sister missed him especially much. Ollie is a laid back guy, but will bark when he wants something or sees passersby. Ollie is a pro-snuggler and will try to snuggle on top of your head! I was able to help his family understand his mannerisms and how to use rewards to reduce unwanted behaviors.


Coco is an 11 month old Miniature Schnauzer. She loves to toy with toys and explore our fenced yard. Coco's favorite treat is wet dog food in a Kong toy. Coco was concerned when introduced to Pup, but felt better as she learned that she didn't have to play with him. Coco enjoyed a daycare and an overnight stay at Beyond and is looking forward to many more scheduled stays at Beyond.


Rye, an 11 month old Plott Hound, Pitbull mix, stayed at Beyond for our Basic Manners and Leash Walking Board and Train. Rye thoroughly enjoyed her positive reinforcement training experience and learning new skills. During training downtime, Rye showed off her catch skills and could push and chase a tennis ball around for hours. Rye will be staying at Beyond for boarding again when her family goes on vacations.


Rocco is our largest breed boarder to date! This 18 month old, 140 lb Cane Corso is the biggest mush! Rocco is a master at "sit" and coming when he hears his name. Rocco enjoyed lounging in the yard and going on adventures to the local pet boutique and compgrounds. Rocco is a friend to all humans and a sweet soul (he even lays down like magic when little kids approach him). His favorite things are going for walks and FOOD!


Gunny is a 6 yr old Lab/Pit mix. He was nervous with us at first, but quickly learned we have treats! Gunny bonded with me and preferred to follow me everywhere than be on his own. He was provided crate-free accommodations as he hadn't been in a crate since he was a puppy. Everyday Gunny looked forward to snuggle times (which I equally looked forward to)! 

We were able to keep Gunny comfortable by caring for him separately from other dogs.


Are you ready to rumble? Chewie, a young Lab/Hound mix, is! He can run laps around our fenced in yard, jump high, and play all day. Chewie loves toys and meeting new human friends. He didn't care for our metal bowls, so he ate off plates like the prince that he is.


Kiko, a 2 yr old Siberian Husky, relaxed and played during his first day of daycare. Kiko bounced around the couch and told us all about his thoughts in traditional husky speak. He thought hard about how to get the treats out of the Kong Wobbler. Kiko loves treats and gazing out the window.


Zabel is a 2 year old hound. His stay with us was his first time away from his family for an extended time. We had Zabel and family visit twice before his trip to help him transition. Despite some initial nervousness, this young hound has settled in (with the help of some treats!) and is all wiggles and wags. Extra precautions are taken with this handsome pup as he can be a bit of an escape artist.


Logan, a 7 month old Labradoodle, is running, leaping, learning blur! Logan loves to play with other dogs and made an unlikely dog friend here at Beyond the Walk - our resident Riley! Riley threw a play bow at Logan from behind a gate. We let them meet and they played for 3 hours straight!

Logan returned for future stays and made more dog friends each time.

Scout and Jet

Scout and Jet, 5 and 6 years old Beagles, are as sweet as they come. Their mom needed a last minute reservation for 9 days and it was Beyond the Walk to the rescue! Scout was a bit anxious when his mom left, but we helped him relax. Jet's special diet requirement was also no problem! Scout and Jet made friends with resident dog, Riley, and enjoyed chasing and jumping games. When they aren't playing, these laid back boys love to snuggle and snooze.


Cooper is a young border collie mix who keeps us on our toes with his habit of "stealing" human items from around the house. However, after a few games of trade, Cooper was very willing to bring and drop items before chewing them. Cooper had a breakthrough when we started calling him away from items he could potentially steal. He found that walking away from items was very rewarding and his behavior of seeking items out reduced significantly! He also loves toys. Cooper and Pup had a blast playing and chasing in the yard. 

Buckeye and Max

Adopted brothers, Buckeye and Max, are as different on the inside as they look. Buckey, a Bull Terrier, delights in any toy you offer him and will stand patiently with his head pressed against your leg for neck scratches. Max, a Jack Russell, pit mix, prefers the indoors and couches. Max will request petting and belly rubs, but can typically be found perched on the couch top, gazing out the window.

These boys are regulars at Beyond and see our house as their home away from home!

Topaz (Tup-Tup)

Topaz (affectionately also known as "Tup-Tup") is an 11 year old Chow mix, but she doesn't let her age get her down. Topaz enjoys chasing tennis balls, chewing on toys and napping on the cool wood floor. Topaz required daily medication and eye drops. She is not fond of other dogs and was rotated safely to and from her quarters upstairs multiple times each day for her outings.

Chloe and Sophie

Chloe, a 12 year old Chihuahua, is full of wiggles and love. Her passions are sleeping in bed with humans and finding the perfect dip in the dog bed to curl up in. Sophie, a 6 month old Golden Retriever, was always excited to play with toys or curl up for petting. Sophie was quite fearful of dogs, but with Pup's help she was able to learn that not all dogs are scary and some are really nice! (Pup, middle, made a great playmate for Sophie and was gentle with little Chloe.) 

The "G" Trio

We provided a daily potty break for Gigi, Gino, and Ginger when their overnight caregiver was away during the day. These sweet Shitzus, ages 2, 11, and 12 years LOVE treats and were excited to see us arrive each day. 


Charlie, a 5 month old Goldendoodle puppy, loves his crate more than any other boarded dog we know! When he isn't playing, he is happy to relax in his crate with a dental chew. Charlie was a bit concerned about the other dogs, but a quick intro with Pup was all she needed to gain confidence to meet more friendly boarded dogs.


Cassie, a 4 month old Catahoula Leopard Dog, came to us the week after she was adopted! Her owners were seeking boarding for their upcoming vacation, but our primary focus become her aversion to being alone and crated. For Cassie's psychological health, we advised that Cassie would benefit from daycare while her owners were at work during which I could work on crate and alone training using rewards, consistency, and patience. In just a few days, Cassie excelled at crate training and learned that being alone is not so scary.

During a future stay, Cassie loved to romp and play with Pup and foster at the time, Leia.

Oliver (Ollie)

Ollie is the cutest low-rider and loves people so much his whole body wags! This 2 year old Basset Hound/Retriever mix is greatly missed by his 4 and 6 year old humans so we were sure to send photo updates daily. Oliver enjoys chewing on nylabones, cuddling, and telling you all about the people he sees walking past our home. Ollie worked on coming away from the window quietly when he saw people in order to earn a yummy treat!


Roxie, a 10 month old Great Dane/Catahoula Leopard Dog mix, is as sweet as she is tall! Roxie was a bit nervous outside, but we were able to reassure her through petting and praise that she was safe. She enjoyed play and learning how to sit instead of jumping on people and earned a food reward each time! During her second visit, Roxie pulled up to the door knowing the fun and toys awaiting inside.

Fred and Ginger

Fred, a young terrier mix, and Ginger, a 7 year old Golden Retriever, are adopted "siblings" and have enjoyed multiple stays at Beyond. Both love to snuggle with people and each other. Fred and Ginger loved enjoying the yummy extras offered at Beyond the Walk. We are able to care for Fred and Ginger separately from other dogs as Fred is not a fan.

Simba and Rosie

Simba, a young Labradoodle, and Rosie, a senior Golden Retriever, are a Long Island duo. Simba will chase any toy you throw for him whereas Rosie enjoys the calmer things in life, like eating cheese. Both pups love people and petting and will let you know when they need some attention with a nudge of the nose and a pair of puppy eyes.


Charlie is a sweet, perky 16 month old Boston Terrier. Charlie most enjoys playing with the dozens of toys we have here at Beyond the Walk. Charlie loves to run in the yard after a toy. Another love of his is food enrichment toys which provides dogs with mental and physical stimulation.


Blue is a young cattle dog mix like our resident playmate dog, Puppy. The two became instant pals and run and play their hearts out in our yard. Blue is a smart young pup and is enjoying his home away from home.


Beans is a sophisticated older gal. This beagle/corgi mix will mingle and play with her buddy, Blue, but likes to have a calm, safe place to relax when she is tired. Beans is very sweet and loves every person she meets.

Mason and Phoebe

Mason is a young Shepherd mix and Phoebe is a senior Pug. Mason is nervous around new people. Slow, gentle care was key for him to become more comfortable. Now he wiggles and jumps for joy. Phoebe is a friendly little lady. She has arthritis and requires help going up and down stairs. She also requires eye drops twice a day.


Lucy is a young Golden Retriever who enjoys leisurely strolls and gentle play with other dogs. Lucy's owners were nervous about her first stay away from home. Beyond the Walk provided photo/video updates and her parents felt at ease to enjoy their vacation while Lucy socialized with her dog friends.


Away from her owners and her home, Bella was very unsure at first. After careful socialization and slow introductions, Bella flourished and felt comfortable to play with other dogs. Bella came with her favorite ball and we were sure to enjoy a game of fetch each day. Bella also explored Kittatinny State Park with Riley. Bella felt more relaxed right away during her subsequent stay.

The Quartet

Lucy (the busy blurry blonde), Amelia, Krista and Gordon make up The Quartet, a 4-dog household. The group socialized nicely with our Riley, Kane and Puppy. Lucy exercised through play with Kane and Puppy. Amelia, Krista and Gordon relaxed on the patio and cuddled on our many dog beds. Lucy and Amelia took a trip to the local dog park off hours for some private playtime.

Millie & Caleb

Millie and Caleb are two peas in a pod. Enjoying each other's company, they lounged on the deck and greeted a few human visitors. The pair took multiple walks per day to sniff out the neighborhood. 


Diego is a senior Chihuahua who prefers the calmer things in life. During his stay at daycare, Diego was provided a quiet environment to nap and chew on his favorite bone. Diego required timed potty breaks due to medical needs and a particular meal. Diego's owner described him as happy and comfortable during his stay at Beyond the Walk.


Montana is a Newfoundland Poodle mix puppy. Montana enjoys playing with his dog friends (including our cattle dog foster, Puppy). He also likes toys and meeting new people. Montana knows sit and is learning "no jump" for treats! He is still a baby so he needs lots of potty breaks and can't be left in his ex-pen for too long. 

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photo credit: Rachel Belyavsky