Beyond the Walk's Current Foster Dogs



Bruno is a young and an active breed, but has been a well mannered gentleman in the short time he's been in his foster home. Regular exercise, games, and toys are a must with this fun guy. He is however , he is also good at settling down when his family. He loves car rides and adventures... playing tug of war and chasing after stuffed toys. He is crate trained, and seems to be house trained! Human companionship is Bruno's fave. He just loves people!

Bruno gets quite excited when he sees other dogs, but for now we believe Bruno would do best as the only dog in the home. Bruno is happy to share toys with his humans, but he likes to keep his high value treats (like bones) to himself. His foster is working with him on sharing, and of course is happy to help his family continue in that same program!

Bruno is so ready for his forever home... if you're ready for an active, silly and fun companion hurry up and fill out an application for Bruno today! 

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On Hold! Max


Max is one cool dude.... he loves meeting new people and just hanging out with the crowd. He is super laid back, and cuddly! Now he is a 100 lbs... but so wishes he was a lap dog! Max will play with the occasional toy, but nothing beats people! Adults, big kids, little kids... he loves everyone! Max is a quiet, soft, and sophisticated guy at 8 years old. While not a young pup, Max will be happy in a home with any amount of activity! 

Max does great with other dogs, is crate trained, and knows a few cues like sit and come! We have not had the opportunity to cat test Max, but we do suspect this laid back guy would be fine with felines as well. We really would like for Max to go to a family who is home more often than not to help make up for his lost time.... he deserves to soak up as much attention as possible in his  "senior years".   

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On Hold! Bo & Chance


Chance and Bo met in foster and instantly become best friends and I mean BEST friends. So much so that they must be adopted together. 

What’s better than a dog that is non-stop love and happiness? Two!

Both Bo and Chance are high energy dogs. They love to play and run and would enjoy a securely fenced yard. They love toys, even playing with the same toy beautiful together at the same time. There is zero aggression between these two, just friendship. Bo and Chance also love cuddling with their humans and will settle on their own after a romp.

Chance and Bo will require decompression time in their new home to give them time to learn to trust their new human(s). A home that does not have tons of visitors would be best for these boys, but they could learn to love lots of new people in their home with time, patience, and positive reinforcement. Bo will be wary of all new people and Chance will be more wary of men. However, once they trust a human, they love them for life! 

I truly can’t say a negative thing about these boys. Their spirits and fun loving natures are so joyful and innocent that they’ll make an excellent duo for the right adopter!

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bO & chance's BIO!



Sunny is a fun loving, sweet and very affectionate boy. He loves ALL toys, but chasing balls and tossing stuffed toys are his favorite. He will self entertain with toys, or just relax when everyone else is!             

Sunny was in terrible shape when he came to TLR. After years of neglect and being kept in a crate 24/7 he suffered from a horrible coat, muscle deterioration, and blocked tear ducts. Well... after a good dental, surgery for his eye, proper nutrition, grooming and exercise you would never guess this handsome boy's past!!

He knows sit and come! Of course positive reinforcement is the way to teach any dog new things! Sunny was not properly socialized prior to rescue, so he can be a bit timid of new people, but is learning strangers make good things happen (yummy treats!) and does well with some dogs. He seems to do better with multiple dogs as opposed to one on one, so a meet and greet is definitely required. He shares his toys well, but prefers other dogs don't bother him when he is resting (I can appreciate that!) He is a vocal player and can get a bit rough with other dogs at times so supervised play is best! 

Sunny has waited so long for the home he deserves. He has starved for affection and attention for too many years. Will you make his dreams come true? 

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Beyond's Adopted Foster Dogs



Robinson (now Buddy) was found crawling down a street by a good samaritan in Alabama. He had been shot in a hind leg. The leg was too badly damaged to repair and was amputated. This handsome tri-pod didn't let this cruelty define him. He adores people and gets along with other dogs. He has adapted to having 3 legs and can still run and play just like his 4 legged friends. Buddy was a quick foster and found his forever home with a family in Long Island in a few short weeks.



Foxy lived with many other Chi's in NYC, but she was the only one surrendered to the shelter due to "too many pets". Foxy just stared out of her kennel all day and exhibited no normal canine behavior. Once in foster, Foxy flourished with us and was such a love bug! We discovered her playful side with other dogs (and socks). Foxy is loved in her forever home in Rhode Island.



Wilson's origin in Oklahoma is not clear. He came to us when his first foster home could no longer care for him. Wilson was my dog park buddy for months until he met his adopters at that very park. Wilson loves all people and dogs and is a model doggie citizen. Wilson spends his days playing with his canine sister in east New Jersey and receiving kisses from his human mom and dad.



Pino was surrendered to a New Jersey vet. Pino may look like a Chihuahua, but he thinks he's a little mush. He loved all people, even toddlers! Pino loved to perch on peoples' shoulders and play hide and seek from his doggie siblings. He is now the puppy "child" of his proud adoptive parents in north New Jersey.



Simba was found as a stray in New Jersey. He was very respectful of his foster doggie sister, Riley. Simba is an avid snorer and loves to run and fetch. Simba was adopted by an employee of the vet office he was originally boarded at and is cared for as a furry family member.



Sherlock was saved from the euthanasia line in a southern shelter. He had a rocky past of reported aggression towards people and dogs. However, when I met him he was gentle friends with a cockatiel bird and was quickly accepted as "brother" by my Riley. Sherlock is known for his odd habits of laying with his head off the dog bed. It was love at first sight with Sherlock's adopter who remains devoted to him in Maryland.



Mater is the biggest mush! Through no fault of his own he was returned to rescue twice. He is now ready for adventure with his adoptive family in Baltimore, Maryland where he lives with his "mom and dad" and human brothers who adored him at first sight. Mater is so happy to finally have a place to call his forever home!

Photo credit: Rachel Belyavsky




Leia came to rescue in NJ from the south with her litter of puppies.  Leia's mommy duties ended and was fostered by Beyond the Walk! She loves attention, petting, and toys!  Leia enjoys playing with other dogs (as long as they're not near her stuffed toys!) Leia learned sit, let's go, and paw and made doggie friends while in foster at Beyond the Walk. Leia filled her adopted parents' dog-less void. She is cherished and doted on in her home in Central NJ.