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Pax (left)


Sweet, spunky lady seeks a special female home

Ever wanted a little dingo as your best friend? Here’s your chance! Pax is a muscular 30 lbs, 11 months old, and a red Australian Cattle Dog. Pax loves almost every dog and would do best with a dog friend (or multiple friends) to run and play with. Pax would do best in a home with women and without children. She may likely do best not being around male humans. She is fearful of men and may bark at them, but mostly tries to keep a far distance.

Pax can be shy at first with women too, but warms up quickly and will crawl in a lap for attention after a few days of getting to know them. Pax is usually on the move though! In true cattle dog nature, Pax is high energy and prefers playing with her dog friends, running around, and exploring the fenced yard to lounging.

Pax would do best in a suburban or rural area; an urban environment would be scary for her. Pax enjoyed hiking in an isolated area and walked nicely on leash during a hike. She is a velcro dog and likes to follow her lady humans around when she isn’t playing with her dog friends, but due to her fear issues she should never be off leash in an unfenced area especially where she could be spooked by a loud sound or the presence of a stranger.

Her previous caretaker stated that Pax has herding instinct and herded her goats very well. Pax would likely enjoy offering herding services in her adoptive home. Pax has not shown any guarding behaviors over toys or food towards people or dogs (however dogs are fed separately). Pax is food driven and knows sit and her name. Pax is crate trained. Pax is fostered in a highly managed environment, but has not had any potty accidents in foster.

Despite her fears, Pax is a fun, energetic dog that will make a great, active companion for the right adopter and their dog(s).

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Beyond the Walk's Current Boarded Foster Dogs

Beyond offers reduced cost boarding to 501(c)3 rescues for dogs awaiting foster placement.



 Columbus, a stray Shiba mix, was transported to his foster home this past Saturday.

Columbus is a 12 year old senior, but someone forgot to tell him he’s a senior dog. Columbus was able to open a latch and then take himself for a walk and a swim!

Columbus is happy in the company of other dogs and loves rolling on his back in the grass.

Ideal Home: 

  • Location: A quiet, suburban type home with a fenced yard would be ideal.
  • People: People aware of Shiba traits. For example, he's a skilled escape artist. He may be ideal for an older couple.
  • Children: No young children since they may walk up suddenly from behind which could cause him to become a little nippy
  • Dogs: Other dogs should be OK, but probably a laid back dog.
  • Cats: We don't know how he reacts to cats.

DOB: 6/2007

Weight: 33.5 lbs

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Beyond's Adopted Foster Dogs



This adorable, friendly tripod was a quick foster and found his forever home with a family in Long Island in a few short weeks.



Foxy is very spoiled in her forever home in Rhode Island where she lives with human and canine companions alike.



Wilson spends his days playing with his canine sister in east New Jersey and receiving kisses from his human mom and dad.



Pino is now the furry "child" of his proud adoptive parents in north New Jersey.



Simba was adopted by an employee of the vet office he was originally boarded at and is cared for as a furry family member.



It was love at first sight with Sherlock's adopter who remains devoted to him in Maryland.



After 15 months in foster, Chance found his forever home with one of our staff. Being shy, we were thrilled Chance was adopted by someone that he already knows and trusts. He is making big strides in his new home and learning so much about the big interesting world out there!



 Tali is a cattle dog through and through and she needed a home that would keep up with her. She found a great, fitting home that is full of activities and fun! We love all the updates from her fam!



Iggy is loving life with his new, big family! With so many people to dote on him, he is soaking up all the affection. Iggy enjoys walks around the farm neighborhood in New Jersey and his family may even adopt a furry friend to join Iggy in the future.



Mater is enjoying "solo dog life" with his adoptive family in Baltimore, Maryland where he lives with his "mom and dad" and human brothers who say he makes their family complete. Mater is so happy to finally have a place to call his forever home!

Photo credit: Rachel Belyavsky



Sunny is loving life in NJ after moving with his adopter's daughter who loved him too much to leave him at mom and dad's. Sunny waited so long for a home to call his own and now he is loving life!



Leia filled her adopted parents' dog-less void. She is cherished and doted on in her home in Central NJ.



Huck's mom applied for him noting she was "already madly in love" with him. She, Huck's dad, and their children are always entertained by his silly nature. His family is very invested in his health and happiness. Huck lives in Pennsylvania.

Fresco | forever in our hearts


Fresco was adopted by a young woman in Massachusetts that is committed to helping him through his fears at his pace. She is very understanding of his needs and loves him very much.

Fresco was diagnosed with and later succumbed to a genetic disorder. Our condolences to his amazing adoptive mom. 



Bruno was adopted by a couple who enjoy the same activities as he does - being outdoors! Bruno is enjoying an enriched life in NJ as his parents' only fur child.