Beyond the Walk's Current Foster Dogs



In foster over 260 days


Chance is a super sweet dog that loves his humans deeply once he trusts them. In foster, Chance is affectionately referred to as water-dog, not because he loves water (he does like to walk in the kiddie pool though), but because he turns into a liquid when petted (he also tries to “melt” over gates when his humans need to keep him in another room occasionally). He is truly ridiculous and hysterical. 

Chance is high energy and loves to run and play with toys. Chance is very smart and loves learning through positive reinforcement and is food and toy motivated. He even learned to jump through a hoop! Chance could easily become a chunker through his love for food - an adopted that is cognizant of his weight is a must. Chance knows his name and responds promptly to “come” and is housebroken and crate trained (he goes right in his crate on cue!)

Chance will require time to adjust in his new home to give him time to learn to trust his new human(s). Chance’s spirit and fun loving nature is so joyful and innocent that he will make an excellent dog friend for the right adopter! 

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Sunny - Adoption Pending


In foster over 320 days

Sunny is a fun loving, sweet and very affectionate boy. He loves ALL toys, but chasing balls and tossing stuffed toys are his favorite. He will self entertain with toys or just relax when everyone else is!             

He knows sit and come! Sunny was not properly socialized prior to rescue, so he can be a bit timid of new people, but is learning strangers make good things happen (yummy treats!) and does well with most dogs. Sunny has made huge progress meeting new people in foster! He seems to do better with multiple dogs as opposed to one on one, so a meet and greet is definitely required. He shares his toys well, but prefers other dogs don't bother him when he is resting (I can appreciate that!) He is a vocal player and can get a bit rough with other dogs at times so supervised play is best! 

Sunny has waited so long for the home he deserves. He has starved for affection and attention for too many years. Will you make his dreams come true? 

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Beyond's Adopted Foster Dogs



This adorable, friendly tripod was a quick foster and found his forever home with a family in Long Island in a few short weeks.



Foxy is very spoiled in her forever home in Rhode Island where she lives with human and canine companions alike.



Wilson spends his days playing with his canine sister in east New Jersey and receiving kisses from his human mom and dad.



Pino is now the furry "child" of his proud adoptive parents in north New Jersey.



Simba was adopted by an employee of the vet office he was originally boarded at and is cared for as a furry family member.



It was love at first sight with Sherlock's adopter who remains devoted to him in Maryland.



Mater is enjoying "solo dog life" with his adoptive family in Baltimore, Maryland where he lives with his "mom and dad" and human brothers who say he makes their family complete. Mater is so happy to finally have a place to call his forever home!

Photo credit: Rachel Belyavsky



Max is happily soaking up all his human's love as an only dog in NYC. Max is relishing in all the attention he receives from the new friends he meets everyday on walks.



Leia filled her adopted parents' dog-less void. She is cherished and doted on in her home in Central NJ.



Huck's mom applied for him noting she was "already madly in love" with him. She, Huck's dad, and their children are always entertained by his silly nature. His family is very invested in his health and happiness. Huck lives in Pennsylvania.



Fresco was adopted by a young woman in Massachusetts that is committed to helping him through his fears at his pace. She is very understanding of his needs and loves him very much.



Bruno was adopted by a couple who enjoy the same activities as he does - being outdoors! Bruno is enjoying an enriched life in NJ as his parents' only fur child.