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Beyond the Walk's Current Foster Dogs

Pax (left)

Pax (left)

Pax (left)


Australian Cattle Dog female

Sweet, energetic

Suburban or rural home

Good with dogs, other animals

Previous herding skills/experience

Quiet, adult, female home

Crate trained, housebroken

For full bio or to apply to adopt, please email us at beyondthewalkdogs@gmail.com


Pax (left)

Pax (left)


Dutch Shepherd female

info coming soon

Good with dogs

Crate trained

 For full bio or to apply to adopt, please email us at beyondthewalkdogs@gmail.com 


Pax (left)



 Shiba Inu male


Calm suburban or rural home

Laid back, low maintenance companion

Good with most dogs

Adult home

Crate trained

For full bio or to apply to adopt, click HERE.

Community Service



Beyond is committed to serving our community and those in need.

Our canine friends can provide so many wonderful skills and benefits to humans. We are honored to volunteer the trained skills of two of our own dogs, Kane and Frey, through pet therapy and search and rescue.



 Kane is a certified therapy dog with Creature Comfort Pet Therapy since 2019. With his gentle demeanor and excellent training, he excels with children and the elderly. Kane visits schools, nursing homes, adult assisted living facilities, libraries, children's camps, veteran facilities, senior daycares, presentations, and other events. Kane has provided over 20 therapy services. 



Frey is a certified therapy dog with Creature Comfort Pet Therapy since 2020. She never tires of meeting and greeting anyone in need of canine companionship. She adores people and loves petting. Frey visits corporate centers and colleges, adult homes, support group and counseling meetings, and other events. She is very proficient in her training to respond to cues around other dogs and does very well remaining focused in multi-dog therapy events. Frey is still fairly new to therapy work and loves meeting new people in need of a canine boost.

Frey is in training to become a search and rescue k9 with Search and Rescue Teams of Warren County (SARTWC). Frey is currently focusing on the discipline of "air scent" in which she searches for, locates, and indicates on any live human in her search area. She is amazingly driven to complete her search tasks and thrilled to earn her favorite rewards (tug! and delicious food) for practice well done!