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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a typical day at Beyond the Walk? What will my dog do all day?

Boarding dogs sleep overnight in their crate or kennel** with plenty of comfortable bedding and water***. (Daycare dogs are integrated into rotations when they arrive. Drop offs/pick ups begin as early as 6am.****) Quick potty rounds are conducted between 5:30-7:30am and breakfast is served in their crate or kennel. Based on each dog's preference and comfort levels, they may be fed meals via a form of enrichment - slow feeder bowl, Kong wobbler, a box to search through, or another method of food toy or frozen enrichment. Feeding meals in this manner provides physical and mental stimulation and leverages crate/kennel time. At times, meals are served in a basic bowl based on the dog's preferences and other factors making a "thinking-free" meal the best option for the dog's overall wellness.

After early morning routines, we begin rotating solo dogs or groups of dogs***** for play, exercise, and elimination opportunities throughout the day until about 9:30pm. During nice weather and based on your dog's preferences, we spend much of dogs' rotation time outdoors, however dogs are given run of the main floor of our home for their rotation sessions in inclement weather or excessive heat. Our yard offers ample shade and anti-gravity beds for comfort. We have many different types of toys for dogs to play with, kiddie pools on warm days, and we bring home bundles of vegetation from our hiking excursions to sprinkle around the yard for scent enrichment. 

Rotations continue throughout the day with frozen snack enrichment (if elected as a Specialized Service or provided) served around 10:30/11am and dinner served between 2:30-4:30pm. We conduct mandatory quiet hours for about 2 hours each day during which time no drop offs/pick ups are scheduled, no dogs are rotated, lights are turned off, and psychoacoustic music is played (or white noise machine) to promote uninterrupted rest. Dogs that do not settle will be attended to. Dogs' requirement for sleep per day is much greater than humans' and without several opportunities to rest, dogs may become stressed or agitated (see link below).

Rotation length varies for each dog depending on their normal level of exercise. To minimize stress due to significant changes in lifestyle, we strive to provide exercise/activities close to your dog's regular level. We understand that daycare/boarding is an opportunity for your dog to receive additional exercise opportunities than at home, but it is very important that we understand your dog's normal activity level to avoid undue stress to your dog physically and emotionally. 

Early to late evening rotations also consistent of play, exercise, and elimination opportunities. Pick ups/drop offs end at 7pm. Rotations typically end and overnight sleeping begins around 9:30pm, but may go later if needed. 

Any Specialized Services elected for are provided during one of your dog's sessions. Click the link below to learn more about Specialized Services.

About Our Care and Typical Day Disclaimers 

*We cannot ensure your dog's photo will be included in social media posts, but are happy to send photos directly to owners.

**Kennels are 5 foot by 5 foot and ceiling height. Kennels are reserved for dogs that are not used to using crates, but may be used for the two largest dogs in our care at a given time even if those dogs are accustomed to crates. Clients with small dogs that are not used to crates may be asked how their dog would do in a giant crate set up like a suite so that kennels may be used for large dogs.

***Bedding may not be offered to dogs with a history of swallowing inedible objects. Water may not be provided in crates/kennels for dogs that struggle with holding their potty, but is provided multiple times per day while the dog is out for their sessions.

****See below for drop off/pick up details.

*****Our focus is to provide your dog with the most stress-free, fulfilling daycare/boarding experience possible. Dog playgroup may not be always be in your dog's best interest. If you are only looking for playgroup for your dog, we unfortunately would not be the best match. However, we are happy to speak with owners that would like more information on this philosophy and its benefits.

Reservation Appointments & Drop Off/Pick Up

Please do not come to the front door for pick up/drop off. Call/text when you arrive and we will provide the best route of entry. Please do not interact with any other dogs and do not allow yourself or your dog within sight of dogs that may be in the yard - most dogs react when they see a person or dog outside a fence and doing so can be damaging to their emotional and even physical health.

All reservations must be processed through our online booking system*. All pick ups/drop offs must be scheduled at the time of booking your reservation. The system will ask you to select a 15 minute window for drop off and pick up i.e. 12pm is the selected time, the window is 12-12:15pm. We understand that complications come up, but please do your best to arrive for pick up/drop offs within the 15 minutes window requested at booking. 

Please type in any Specialized Services that you would like added to your dog's stay and how many of each/details you would like in the "Notes" section of the booking form.

If you need to change your appointment time please modify your booking in the online system (prior to start of service) or call/text to reschedule your appointment (while your dog is staying with us). Provide as much advanced notice as possible, however we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate all reschedule requests.

If you arrive outside your scheduled 15 minute window without prior agreement or notice, you will likely be unable to enter and be asked to wait until we are able to rearrange the dogs' schedule. Early or late pick ups/drop offs without notice may be disruptive the flow of operation and can be stressful for the dogs. 

*We are happy to help with the online system. We understand the system is still fairly new.

Does my dog need certain vaccinations?

Certain vaccinations are required and must be current unless medical and/or age complications exist (veterinarian verification of such waiver is required). Titers are accepted in lieu of vaccinations.

Required Vaccinations:

Rabies, Distemper, Parvovirus

To reduce the spread of disease and chance of outbreak at Beyond, please do not visit dog parks, events, groomers, daycare/boarding facilities, or other places where dogs you do not personally know congregate at least 2 weeks prior to your dog's stay. If your dog is actively attending training classes, we will discuss the level of dog interaction your dog has at training to determine their potential risk of exposure to any illnesses.

Dogs displaying fleas, injury, or clinical signs of contagious illness/ailment may not be boarded. Any dogs that present medical concerns during their stay will be brought to Fredon Animal Hospital or Newton Veterinary Hospital at the owner's expense after attempts are made to reach the owner. 

When do I pay? What types of payment do you accept?

A deposit of 20% (less tax) or $15 (if 20% is less) is due at the time of booking to reserve your dog's spot. A $15 administrative fee will be retained from each deposit per booking. We accept all major credit/debit cards, check, and cash. Credit/debit card can be processing over the phone or in person. Checks can be made out to Beyond the Walk LLC and can be mailed. Please reach out for our address. Cash payments must be delivered in person. A deposit for a completed stay will be applied to the cost of your dog's stay and any outstanding payment is due at the end of your dog's stay at or before pick up.

Deposits will be refunded with at least the following advanced notice prior to your reservation start date (less $15 administrative fee):

Daycare - 48 hours

Boarding - 2 weeks

Specialized Services - 1 week

Any cancellations after the previously stated windows will result in your deposit being non-refundable and non-transferable.

My dog gets nervous around new people and in new places. Can he still stay with you?

Please speak with us about your dog's needs prior to booking.   

Can you board my dog who is an escape artist?

Our home includes a gate at the front patio and the back deck. Dogs that are known to dash through doorways have an added layer of protection with these barriers. However, we are very careful when opening and closing doors. We cannot board dogs that have a history of digging under, jumping over or climbing fences or gates, or breaking out of their crate or would do so in a kennel. Dogs are supervised in the yard, however the fence is 4 feet high in some places. If you feel this type of enclosure would not contain your dog, please let us know so that we may use a long line for your dog in the yard.

Does my dog need to be crate trained?

We have two kennels (5 foot by 5 foot, ceiling height) for dogs that are not crate trained. However, we are only able to accommodate dogs that are comfortable being confined away from humans. Clients with small dogs that are not used to crates may be asked how their dog would do in a giant crate set up like a suite so that kennels may be used for large dogs that require kennels. 

What will my dog eat when he's boarded with you?

Owners must provide their dog's food for their stay. We are able to store and accommodate cooked or raw food that requires refrigeration and/or scale measuring. If your dog enjoys chews, please include some chews such as bully sticks. (We do not feed rawhide chews due to potential choking risks.) Please see our online sign up form for more information on treat/snack offerings at Beyond.

Should I bring anything besides food/treats/chews when I board my dog?

If this is your dog's first stay, please bring a blanket or item that smells like home to help your dog adjust. Please do not include toys or bowls.

Does my dog need to be potty trained?

Dogs must be able to hold their potty overnight and for at least 4 hours in the day. We also understand that in a new place, dogs may have accidents. House soiling is cleaned up promptly and the area sanitized using dog-safe cleaning agents. We may recommend that some dogs utilize a sanitary diaper or belly band if they display excessive urine marking indoors.

Do you offer training?

Yes, please see training offers under Our Services > Training.

Beyond the Walk's board and train doesn't offer what am looking for. Where can I go?

For further training support, we highly recommend It's Your Dog School for Dogs in Hamburg, NJ (click link below) for a wide variety of classroom, specialty, and private training options.

Can you board dogs that are human or dog aggressive?

We can care for some dogs that have a history of aggressive behaviors towards dogs or humans. It is important that we understand more about your dog to determine if we'd be able to provide care to fit your dog's needs.

My dog has separation anxiety. Can you still board her?

We can care for some dogs that have a history of aggressive behaviors towards dogs or humans. It is important that we understand more about your dog to determine if we'd be able to provide care to fit your dog's needs.

I use certain equipment to walk and train my dog. Do you know how to use these items?

For walking dogs we use back clip or front clip harnesses such as easy-walk, freedom, balance, and sensation harnesses. We also use no-slip (martingale) collars clipped to harnesses as a safety backup for dogs are flight risks and may slip out of a harness. We properly fit martingale collars to ensure the collar will effectively keep the dog from slipping out and becoming loose, but does not choke the dog. We have also used chain leashes for dogs that enjoy chewing their leash when bored or worked up to prevent dogs from chewing through their leash and becoming loose.

We do not use prong collars, choke chains or choke collars, slip leads, vibration, shock, electric, or spray collars or bark collars. We will not use any of these items while dogs are boarded or in daycare with us. If you are interested in learning more about the types of equipment we will not use or about reward based training, we are more than happy to speak with you further.

I have more questions!

We are happy to speak with you to address any additional questions you may have!

We are also quick to respond to owners' questions while their dogs are staying with us and post and send photo updates during their stay.



A dog will be considered abandoned if the dog is not picked up after their stay and there is no communication from the owner or emergency contacts. Dogs will be relinquished to township animal control after any holding period required of our facility. We do not encourage anyone to abandon their dog, however we will do our best to ensure any dog relinquished to animal control is taken in by reputable rescue.