Riley TKN

Yorkie/Chihuahua/Maltese Born 2013

Riley was surrendered to a shelter for "not being housebroken and can't be trained". In 2014 I fostered Riley and I knew after a few days that she was whip smart and here to stay! 

Riley now knows over 25 cues and is (one of) the smartest dogs I have ever met. We continue to work on Riley's fear of strangers, but have learned that a few games of fetch and no forced contact are the way to her heart! 

Riley continues to learn new tricks and we plan to progress her trick dog titles.


Kane CGC

Siberian Husky Born 2016

Kane was seized by NYPD for being left in an apartment with his sister as a baby while the "owner" was on vacation. The owner was given a second chance, but Kane and his sister were picked up again by NYPD for running through the streets of Queens. After their legal case, they were made available for rescue. Kane came to our home with the intention of fostering him, but we decided to adopt him by that night. As he aged, meeting new dogs became stressful for Kane and he prefers to engage only with our own dogs.

Kane passed Canine Good Citizen and therapy dog testing. Kane provides animal therapy through Creature Comfort Pet Therapy. 



Australian Cattle Dog/Beagle Born 2016

I brought Pup home as a foster from an inner-city shelter after he was transported from the south. He was not separated from his littermates at 16 weeks of age or socialized which is very detrimental to a puppy's behavioral development. He was extremely fearful and was dubbed "corner pup" for his behavior of clinging to a corner in our kitchen for weeks and the name "Puppy" stuck. After thousands of hours of counter-conditioning and association training, he is a "normal" dog.

Pup earned his Novice Trick Dog title, passed herding instinct testing, and now pursues competitive agility. We hope to trial in agility in the coming months... or years.



Kelpie/Miniature Pinscher Born 2017

Bo was fostered here for about 8 months. We listed him and his BFF Chance as a bonded pair as they would have loved to live their lives together for eternity. Chance did also show signs of looking for Bo when separated. However, after months of no luck on the adoption front and after seeing Chance not rely on Bo any longer, we decided they would have a better chance adopted separately especially because Bo's fear of new people remained severe compared to Chance's "just shyness".

Over the months he was fostered, Bo helped test guest dogs to see if they would like dogs friends during their stay and ease fearful dogs into our environment. Bo had been such a helper, I couldn't imagine my workday without him. Once adopted, we realized his obsession with other dogs combined with his dog savvy-ness is a huge help when trying to find/lure loose dogs in the neighborhood. Bo may have "dog" search and rescue in his future.



 Belgian Malinois Born 2018

Our most recent adoption started with a Facebook post pleading for a foster for her so a rescue could pull her from an urban NJ shelter where she had come in as a stray. The post included a video of her being absolutely lovely greeting a dog on leash. I wasn't looking for a fifth dog (or a fourth earlier this year either) plus Kane struggles with new dogs. However, I had recently become interested in human search and rescue and none of my dogs would have been right for that arena nor interested. I had also developed a love for the breed after boarding 3 Malinois over the years. Being so dog friendly, heck she'd be easy to integrate with Kane slowly. So now there are 5!

Frey (aka Girl aka Janine) has begun her preliminary search and rescue "testing". Once we meet the length of ownership requirement, she will test for CGC. Frey requires A LOT of exercise and stimulation daily and loves playing with other dogs. She is incredibly smart, solves her own "problems" with ease (sometimes to my dismay), and is a complete sweetheart with people. Frey may have an additional career as a therapy dog too!

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