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Wellness Specialist *currently hiring*

  • Gain experience working with/caring for dogs and learning canine behavior, health, training, and husbandry alongside Diane Orenchuk, CPDT-KA, Owner and Operator of Beyond the Walk.
  • Opportunities to handle, play with, socialize, and walk dogs of a variety of breeds
  • No set schedule (sign up for the offered shifts that fit your lifestyle!), flexible work hours (as offered by Beyond), half and full shifts available
  • Close knit, understanding, and supportive team


  • Ensure all dogs in Beyond the Walk's care receive a humane level of care including, but not limited to feedings/socialization as directed, access to water, relief opportunities, exercise, comfortable living quarters, and mental stimulation
  • Provide aforementioned requirements for dogs through tasks including, but not limited to preparing and providing meals/food and mental enrichment, providing exercise opportunities (yard play, walks, etc), and changing/cleaning bedding and food/water bowls
  • Safely handle dogs
  • Clean, wash, sanitize bedding and bowls/toys
  • Organize/sort supply items
  • Janitorial duties including vacuuming, mopping, sweeping, and other cleaning
  • Follow all uniquely specific directives for each canine on Beyond's property


  • 1+ year formal or informal experience caring for/handling dogs other than your own pet dogs (volunteer, foster, transport, adoptions, dog walking, pet sitting, training, vet office, grooming, etc.) Kennel environment experience without direct supervision a plus
  • Basic knowledge of dog behavior, dog gear/toys, body language, diffusing tense situations
  • Open to learning and education relating to canines
  • Punctual, honest, patient, and responsible, able to communicate in fluent English with others through verbal, written, and cellular communications 
  • Forward thinking, able to analyze/predict situations, and react swiftly
  • Flexible throughout work day, ability to prioritize
  • Committed to facilitating a safe and clean environment for all canines and humans and positive reinforcement training and handling principles
  • Not hesitant to "get down and dirty"
  • Ability to lift 50+ lbs, handle dogs 100+ lbs, climb stairs, and complete a physically demanding workload
  • Reliable transportation to/from Beyond
  • Comfortable working in a home-based environment
  • Open to handling/learning about all breeds of dogs
  • 20 years of age+


The role of Kennel Assistant is an independent contractor position. Kennel Assistants are not required to complete a specific quantity of hours or committed to a set schedule. Hours are offered as needed by Beyond and are awarded on a first come basis when requested. Independent contractor positions do not include paid vacation, sick, or maternity time or healthcare. No commitment is made by Beyond to offer any minimum quantity of hours available to any or all independent contractors until the independent contractor (applicant) commits to a scheduled shift then all hours committed, even if actual time worked is less, will be paid at the agreed upon rate per hours scheduled. If an independent contractor is unable to commit to any offered work dates/times for 30 days, Beyond the Walk reserves the right to terminate any and all independent contractor contracts.

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