Our Home


Quiet area with a large yard

Our house is located on a quiet street in Newton, NJ. Dogs can explore and exercise in the fenced area of the yard or relax with us on the gated patio.

Dogs are also walked to the local park. Dogs that enjoy car rides are occasionally taken to nearby walking and hiking trails. 


Safety is Key

When unsupervised, dogs are crated or kept separate from each other.

Dogs have access to clean drinking water at all times. Food and enrichment is provided while dogs are relaxing in their crate or area of the home.


Cleanliness and Sanitation

Our home is cleaned daily. Dog bowls and toys are sanitized after each use and bedding/towels are laundered as needed. Only pet safe or organic cleaning agents are used.

(However, our couch always seems to have dog hair on it. Yes, dogs are allowed on furniture!)

Our Dogs



Pup is a 1 year old Australian Cattle Dog/Beagle mix.

Pup is my helper dog here at Beyond the Walk and in my work as a dog trainer. Pup is very dog social, but can keep his excitement under control depending on the needs of the other dog. He has helped many dogs learn that dogs are not so scary and feel more comfortable in our home. He is able to focus on me and respond to cues when I need him to remain neutral around a nervous or unsocialized dog. Although Pup is a worker dog, he lives inside and is loved just like our other dogs.

I brought Pup home as a foster from an inner-city shelter after he was transported from the south. He was not separated from his littermates at 16 weeks of age or socialized which is very detrimental to a puppy's behavioral development. He was extremely fearful and was dubbed "corner pup" for his behavior of clinging to a corner in our kitchen for weeks and the name "Puppy" stuck. After thousands of hours of counter-conditioning and association training, he is a "normal" dog.



Kane is a 2 year old Siberian Husky. 

Kane was seized by NYPD for being left in an apartment with his sister as a baby while the "owner" was on vacation. The owner was given a second chance, but Kane and his sister were picked up again by NYPD for running through the streets of Queens. After their legal case, they were made available for rescue. Kane came to our home with the intention of fostering him, but we decided to adopt him by that night. Kane is the sweetest Siberian Husky you'll ever meet (with humans). He struggles with some issues with other dogs, but loves to play with his "brother", Pup, and is a lover of the outdoors. Kane is rotated separately from boarded dogs.



Riley is a 5 year old Yorkie/Chihuahua/Maltese mix.

Riley was surrendered to a shelter for "not being housebroken and can't be trained". Three years ago I fostered Riley and I knew after a few days that we were meant to be! Riley now knows over 25 cues and is (one of) the smartest dogs I have ever met. We continue to work on Riley's fear of  strangers, but have learned that a few games of fetch are the way to her heart! Being a smol pupper, Riley can be cautious with most dogs, but has made some unexpected friends including, Scout, Jet, and Logan.

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