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Our Board and Train program is currently unavailable as we enter our busy spring/summer season. To join our wait list for Board and Train, please complete the form below. We look forward to achieving training solutions for your dog!

Our Board and Train Program

We offer a reward-based board and train program for basic manners and unwanted behaviors by Diane Orenchuk, CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed). We use food and toy rewards to train dogs and praise and clickers to facilitate learning. Behavior that is rewarded will repeat in the future leading to a dog that is eager to learn and is a willing participant in the behaviors you like!

Things to know about our board and train program:

Beyond the Walk’s Board and Train program is reward-based and sets dogs up for success at their pace. We will never use prong, choke, or shock (electronic) collars, fear, or intimidation to train your dog. We accept only one board and train dog at a time so that we may dedicate the attention necessary to training. When your dog is not training, they live in our home like our own dogs (though separately).

Our program provides a foundation for basic manners and resolving unwanted behaviors. Our board and train will elevate your dog's skills to the level that would be considered "level one" for your dog. Dogs many arrive to board and train at different levels. We will teach your dog the skills below if unknown and refine skills that may have been learned previously. Each dog's learning levels are different based on the dog's present skills and pace.

We do not “guarantee” any behaviors or training as behavior is a product of a dog’s environment and reinforcement history. Therefore, we cannot guarantee results as maintenance of a dog’s skills and behavior is dependent on support from their owner. There is the added step of teaching you, the owners, the behaviors the dog has learned at the end of the board and train. Board and train clients will be scheduled to discuss the training and transfer knowledge for 2 hours upon completion at pick up at your convenience for free. You will receive written documentation of your dog's progress during their stay and tips for maintaining the skills learned. You will be fully prepared to succeed and we are available to assist in troubleshooting post board and train. One on one follow up private lessons are extended to board and train clients at our exclusive board and train graduate rate of $50/hour as needed for your dog's lifetime (travel expenses may apply). 

Board and train dogs may be "untrained" (they are here to learn basic manners after all!), but must be crate trained for eating, sleeping and when unsupervised. We are happy to help you crate train your dog for free prior to their board and train reservation.

It can be difficult for a fearful dog to learn in a new setting and without their humans who they know and love. Therefore, a meet and greet is required to determine if your dog is a good fit for our board and train program. We are unable to accept dogs with severe aggression towards humans or dogs for board and train nor do we offer board and train to resolve dog-dog issues. Our home is not a great place for a dog that is afraid of dogs for any length of time and doing so may increase your dog's fear of dogs and cause undue stress. 

Things to know about OTHER board and train programs:

Frankly speaking, other board and train programs almost always feature some type of aversive training (typically electronic shock collars) to cram in lots of difficulty and achieve "guaranteed" results. This type of training and these instruments are extremely detrimental towards you and your dog's relationship and your dog's psyche. There will be trainers and board and train facility employees that will try to convince you otherwise, but don't be fooled!

I am happy to speak with you further regarding training methods and our board and train program.

Board and Train Services


Board and Train Graduates!


Rye | 2018


Rye came to Beyond the Walk’s Board and Train for loud vocalizations as visitors approached her home, jumping on visitors, learning sit, down, and wait without having to see a treat in the owner’s hand, “implied stay” and release, leash walking, and more! Rye would drag her owners during a majority of their walks and could only be handled on a Gentle Leader, still pulling.

Rye learned that holding a cue until released (sit, down, wait, walking nicely) is highly rewarded. Rye was taught where she should be on a leash walk (by the human’s side) using strategic reward placement and LOTS of repetition plus practice and sessions with Beyond’s resident dogs as distractions. Watching people walk up to the house went from a stressful, barking frenzy to a calmer experience as Rye learned that quiet and calmness are rewarded. We taught Rye to sit (and stay!) away from the door as visitors came in and to keep all 4 paws on the floor when she greeted them. 

Rye's training transitioned well with her family post board and completed a touchbase session 2 weeks later. Her family looks forward to additional privates in the future to take her training to the next level as well as vacation stays at Beyond where we will uphold her training.

Congrats, Rye! We are very proud of your success!

Update! Rye's owner says, "What a wonderful experience. When my husband and I went to pick up Rye at Diane’s house our pup was so happy. I can tell she was very comfortable and felt safe in Diane’s home. I missed my girl but Diane sent me videos, pictures and daily reports to let us know her progress! She came home last night and when I got home from work today she was greeted me calmly. Walking her has been much easier as well. I’m so excited to continue Ryes training. She has an awesome foundation. I couldn’t have done it without BEYOND THE WALK."


Pixie | 2018

Pixie, a 6 month old Maltipoo, came to Beyond's Board and Train for potty training* as well as some basic skills - down, "place", and wait. Despite her young age, Pixie was quick to pick up on the basic skills and we were soon adding duration, distraction, and distance to each. During Board and Train, we partnered with a local animal hospital to ensure medical conditions could be crossed off the list of reasons why Pixie was struggling with potty training. Pixie was given a clean bill of health. Potty training continued with consistent management and a strict schedule. All of Pixie's potty events were documented and rewarded highly. We even used doggie playtime as a reward for Pixie going to the bathroom outdoors! Pixie began to show true understanding that outside was the only appropriate potty spot. Upon the conclusion of Board and Train, Pixie had excellent cue recognition for the skills learned and could remain in cue at a her beginner level until released. Pixie and her owner were set up to continue her potty training success at home.

We also provided Pixie's owner with information on crate enrichment, nutrition, and holding off on daycare while potty training.

Congrats, Pixie, our youngest Board and Train graduate!

Update! Pixie's owner says, Pixie is "doing amazing on potty training"! With summer in full swing, this dog team has been having fun in the sun, but plans to continue practicing Pixie's skills. 

*no longer offered in board and train


Lexi | 2019

Lexi attended daycare with us prior to her board and train program. We loved Lexi's bright spirit and willingness to engage from the start. However, her high energy and some of her behaviors were not desired by her family.

While in board and train Lexi excelled at leash walking. As soon as she learned that walking by the human's side lead to lots of her favorite things - FOOD and getting to check out sniff spots - it was like she'd been "leash walking" all her life. Lexi picked up not jumping very quickly as well. She met many new people in board and train who helped her generalize that not jumping on anyone also produced food. Lexi's family was amazed by pictures of her laying down. Lexi certainly can lay down, but we struggled with putting the behavior on a verbal cue. In getting to know Lexi better, we determined that creating a brand new verbal cue for "laying down" was the key to success. We advised Lexi's family to create daily enrichment opportunities for her to keep up with this active girl's mental and physical stimulation needs.

We look forward to following up with Lexi's family through complimentary lessons either in their home or in daycare to wrap up her "lay down" lessons and address a few more training questions.

Congrats Lexi and family! We had so much fun working with you!

Update! Lexi's owner says, "She is much calmer. And doing very well with her training and the boys. Not too much jumping either... She really is much better."

Certified Professional Dog Trainer through CCPDT